90th Anniversary 1928-2018

90mo Anniversario del Cenacolo Italiano di Cleveland
1928 – 2018

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                                    Dr. John J. Grabowski’s speech on June 8, 2018

At a time when our humanity is increasingly reduced to, or encompassed in tweets, barrages of casual images, and a Kardashianesque cult of often talentless celebrity,

Il Cenacolo Italiano di Cleveland reminds us and the students it supports that the best encounters with Italian,  or any other culture, are those comprised of deep, complex investigations of our shared humanity expressed in literature, art, music and performance.

It has been doing this for ninety years – may fate grant it many more decades to help future generations negotiate their cultural encounters.”

Dr. John J. Grabowski, Ph.D.

Krieger Mueller Associate Professor of Applied History  CWRU      Historian/Senior Vice President for Research and Publications, Western Reserve Historical Society      Editor, Encyclopedia of Cleveland History