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Premio ricevuto dalla presidente Lisa Gasbarre Black

Our club congratulates our current president, Lisa Gasbarre Black for being recognized by the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association as volunteer of the year, a prestigious honor bestowed by the JFA (Justice For All) association. The following is a Diocese of Cleveland website link which contains a video further explaining her outstanding efforts. We are proud to have Lisa recognized as a generous leader.

Carla Gambescia

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CARLA GAMBESCIA is a food and travel writer, lecturer, restaurateur, entrepreneur, and co-creator of the Giro del Gelato cycling tour (winner of Outside magazine’s Best Trip in Western Europe).  She has traveled every region of “the Boot” on foot or by bicycle. 

Charmingly illustrated, La Dolce University brings Italy to life with wit, exuberance, and joy – a celebration of why we love Italy.  Even the most sophisticated Italophile will discover dazzling new facts and illuminating new insights in these pages.    ~Travelers’ Tales

Postcards From The Boot photoblog:

La Dolce Vita “U” website:

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Felicia Zavarella Stadelman


“Through the Eyes of the Artist” is an artist biography lecture series created by Felicia Zavarella Stadelman. Inspired by her own enthusiasm for art, coupled with her education and background in art history, this program has been designed to provide a richer insight through the artist’s personal perspective.

By learning about the artists that we can begin to understand the meaning that is communicated to us through their artwork. Through this discovery, we get an insight into the experience of human existence, we realize that we share a common thread, identify with the artist, and appreciate even more the value of their work. Understanding the artist helps to bring Art to our level, and makes it less intimidating. Every art piece is incomplete in itself. When we enjoy art, we extend it. We improve it, and we make it our own.

This is the link to Felicia’s webpage and an interview to know more about her and her passion for art.

This is a link to one of her presentaions about Amedeo Modigliani

Felicia has presented for il Cenacolo about Michelangelo in March 2021, Amadeo Modigliani in October 2020 and Leonardo da Vinci in September 2018.


Francesca Mignosa Buanne
Francesca in Agrigento Valle dei Templi



Francesca Mignosa Buanne was born from a Sicilian father and a Sicilian-American mother – “This defined the compass and course of my life,” Francesca wrote.

In 2015 the concept for her own travel boutique was born and she launched “That’s Amore Boutique Travels” specializing in the destinations that she knows and has personally experienced such as Italy from North to South; but her passion is Sicily and the Mediterranean islands.

Francesca Mignosa Buanne – BIO
Francesca’s email
Francesca’s Blog:
Francesca’s Writing Blog:

Imparate l’italiano
A Communicative Approach at the Intermediate Level

Dott.ssa Paola Basile, Ph.D.,
Italian native and Professor at Lake Erie College.
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Marcello Mellino’s PHOTOBLOG
A monthly publication
to keep clients and friends updated on
his current and future photographic interest and
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We the Italians: 
It’s a network composed by a website, a magazine,
a newsletter,
a social media community online, and a few books, everything
about Italy and the USA

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Giallo Zafferano: Rivista
Ricette Italiane in stagione
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Joyce Mariani, Executive Director
Italian Cultural Garden
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Read the history of the Italian Cultural Garden
in the Western Reserve Historical Society
“Then & Now”
The ICG was officially dedicated on October 12, 1930 with over
3,000 in attendance. It was created to share Italy’s great cultural
arts with the general public and serve as a symbol of the contributions
of Italian culture to America democracy … Continue reading
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Maria Isabella
Maria Isabella



Maria, who has dual Italian citizenship, is fluent in Italian, Serbian, and French. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her husband of 40+ years and spending time with her grandchildren. For more information, visit Maria’s website at or her blog at

Intervista alla Dott.ssa Connie Sancetta 
Abruzzo nel mondo, pagine 1 e 6
Intervista a Constanza Sancetta

Events of Interest to the Italian-American Community
Compiled by the Italian American Cultural Foundation
Connie Sancetta, President-
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