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Francesca in Agrigento Valle dei Templi
Francesca Mignosa Buanne was born from a Sicilian father and a Sicilian-American mother – “This defined the compass and course of my life,” Francesca wrote.

In 2015 the concept for her own travel boutique was born and she launched “That’s Amore Boutique Travels” specializing in the destinations that she knows and has personally experienced such as Italy from North to South; but her passion is Sicily and the Mediterranean islands.
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Maria Isabella

Maria Isabella is an award-winning writer and author of best-selling cookbooks Chefs & Company and In the Kitchen with Cleveland’s Favorite Chefs.
 She has more than 30 years’ of creative experience in the advertising, marketing, and publishing fields, with a degree in mass media, and Interpersonal Communication,
plus a minor in International marketing from Cleveland State University.

Maria, who has dual Italian citizenship, is fluent in Italian, Serbian, and French. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling with her husband of 40+ years and spending time with her grandchildren. For more information, visit Maria’s website at or her blog at

         Intervista alla Dott.ssa Constance Sancetta 
Abruzzo nel mondo, pagine 1 e 6
Intervista a Constanza Sancetta

          Events of Interest to the Italian-American Community
Compiled by the Italian American Cultural Foundation
Connie Sancetta, President-
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Mar-Apr. Italian calendar  

          Imparate l’italiano
A Communicative Approach at the Intermediate Level

Dott.ssa Paola Basile, Ph.D., Italian native and
Professor at Lake Erie College.
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Cycle Two: Wine and Italian Class

         Marcello Mellino’s PHOTOBLOG
A monthly publication
to keep clients and friends updated on
his current and future photographic interest and
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A Weekly Magazine 

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        Giallo Zafferano: Rivista
Ricette Italiane in stagione
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